The 4-point Aditi advantage

Trusted partner for your contingent talent needs

Thought leaders in the MSP space, our approach is tailor-made to complement the MSP’s scorecarding system and help better the performance of our clients.

Partnering with some of the top global MSP firms in the staffing industry has helped us develop a unique MSP Business Model. When you partner with us, you become a part of an elite league of clients, all of whom are top performers in their respective industries.

Why Aditi?

Industry leading submittal-to-start ratio ensuring our clients only get the best talent.

An average of over 90% response rate across all our accounts while maintaining focus on quality.

90% of our recruiters are technical professionals and 85% of our contractors are working in technical and professional positions.

1 in every 7 contractors placed by Aditi gets re-deployed and 1 out of every 15 converts into a full-time job.

With numbers like these, you can be sure of getting the highest quality of service.

100% of our revenue comes from talent on demand division supporting various MSPs throughout the US.

Being the most valued partner comes from the extensive experience allowing us to incorporate best practices into our delivery system. We bring thought leadership to our MSPs and end clients making it a full cycle, mutually beneficial program for all the stakeholders.

In the last 20 years, we have perfected a globally distributed MSP Delivery Model that is supporting more than 40 Fortune clients at 16 different verticals over 20+ technical domains.

Today we’re partnering with the top 10 MSPs, actively using the top 10 VMS tools in the market.

We are constantly in tune with the MSPs business model and the value proposition it offers to the end customers. That’s how we ensure our metrics are aligned to your KPIs. We have the ability to pass along cost-benefit models savings to our clients, along with our experience with rate cards and markup models.

Automated processes coupled with a 24/5 globally distributed recruiting model allows us to consistently deliver 90+% and below in our Bill Rate management across our MSPs.

Our premise behind delivering in the fastest turn-around-time comes from a tech savvy, forward looking strategy.

We employ over 14 tools and technologies that allow us to provide speed and efficiency with 90% coverage in  24 hours.

Scorecard results


#1 Supplier in 2015 for world’s largest Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing firm, for world’s most renowned makers of online payments system firm and for global leader in marking and printing technologies

15% of our Consultants convert Contract to Direct Hire

Supplier of the Year 2015 for World’s largest MSP Firm
Strategic Partner of the year 2015 with another world’s Top MSP firm.

Speed to Market

For America’s leading Telecom Company: A 1.63-3.0 Days to Submit since last 3 Years, better than 4.24 of MSP Avg.

Technology Clients: A 1.88 Days to Submit Across 15 Technology Clients

2015: New Clients Average First Time Fill of less than 30 Days

Service Delivery

2015 Coverage: Averaged 2.16 Client Submission on All New Requisitions

2015 Interview/Shortlist: Achieved a 28.6% Interview to Requisition Rate

2015 Fill Ratio: 6.9% New Requisitions Fill Ratio, Surpassing MSP 5% Average

Delivery Cost

100% of all Spend under Management is Diversity Spend | Consistently Ranked as Top 10 Supplier at/below Market Rate


100% Compliant across all MSP programs

Our Partners

We handle 50+ MSP contracts with top 10 MSP firms.

We are a people and process driven organization. Over the years, we’ve perfected our processes to deliver maximum output with the highest levels of efficiency. We’ve done this with the help of cutting edge tools and technology.

We have a deep proficiency and experience with all the top Vendor Management System (VMS) tools, and that’s why some of the best companies in the world choose to partner with us.

MSP/VSM Expertise

MSP Expertise

VSM Expertise

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